Adios Hyper-V R2, Part 2

The migration of my Hyper-V R2 environment to ESXi 4.1 is at the halfway point right now.  At this point, all the systems have been imported into VMware Workstation 7.1 that I have installed on my desktop.  The process didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped.  For starters, I couldn’t use the built-in importer on Workstation.  It just wouldn’t work, and I didn’t want to troubleshoot all day.  I downloaded the standalone converter, but when I tried to P2V remote systems, it would let me select only VMware infrastructure destinations.  So, I ended up installing the converter on all my Windows systems and, by running it locally, you can send it to a network share.  Also, GPT is NOT supported by converter.  This is in the readme, but of course I didn’t read it until I ran into problems.  Pretty much the only way to get around it is to move the data onto another drive that’s been setup as MBR.

Linux systems didn’t go as smoothly either.  The latest version of the converter does not have a *nix version.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find it.  I ended up using Winimage to convert the vhd file to a vmdk.  Then I created a new virtual machine in Workstation 7.1 using roughly the same specs as the Hyper-V machine and then telling it to use the existing vmdk that was just created.  The machine boots up fine, but there’s no nic.  VMware tools has to be installed, then /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules has to be editted.  All I did was comment out the first line for the tulip driver and change the line for the e1000 to be eth0 instead of eth1.  Reboot and it should be good to go from there.  See this post for more info.

Perc 6i card is installed, 2TB RAID 10 is building now.  I install ESXi 4.1 after that and hopefully import everything in nice and smooth.

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