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  • with lighttpd on pihole

    # 20220718 – updated with some things I’ve learned since I wrote the original post. I’ve got step-ca setup in my homelab for a private ACME server for certificate renewal automation. It’s been working fantastically well with Traefik in front of all my Docker containers. I’ve been meaning to automate the certificate renewal on my […]

  • ssd trim on raspberry pi

    It took a few minutes of googling around to find instructions for this that work, so I’m going to put some very specific ones here for my future reference. I’ve been attaching SSDs to my RPi 4’s and finding good cables has turned out to be more of a challenge because of lack of proper […]

  • timedatectl on rpi

    Recently noticed time skew across my workstations and servers at home and put together a Stratum-1 NTP server for the local network using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS hat and an RPi 4. I’ll post the write up later. In the meantime, here are the commands I’m using to point all the rest of my RPis […]

  • Open Live Writer

    I’ve been a longtime fan of Windows Live Writer for many years.  Alas, it has been unsupported for many moons and I haven’t been able to get it working with SSL.  The good news is that Microsoft decided to release WLW to the open source community.  The even better news is that someone has forked […]

  • Subsonic on FreeNAS

    I posted this on the freenas forums.. Here’s a short write-up on how I got SSL going with LDAPS against AD for authentication. I used the plugin and am working out of / in the jail. keytool is located at /usr/pbi/subsonic-amd64/bin 1) Create a cnf file to be used for generating the csr. [ req […]

  • hostname and ip from ipconfig files

    i’m currently working on a wireless deployment with a requirement to use mac filtering.  There are over 600 laptops being deployed to a unique location per laptop.  Part of the imaging process doesan ipconfig and dumps the output to a text file which I can then use to copy/paste the hostname and mac into the […]

  • AD authentication on Ubuntu 12.04

    1)  Get the latest PBIS Open Edition from BeyondTrust (formerly Likewise): 2)  chmod 755 the file, execute it, then install it. chmod 755 ./ cd pbis-open- ./ 3)  Join the domain sudo domainjoin-cli join administrator 4)  Add domain group to sudoers sudo visudo %GUAMMIE\\domain^admins ALL=(ALL) ALL 5)  Make domain logins use Bash […]

  • resolv.conf in Ubuntu

    I always forget this when I need it most and there are 10000 entries on Google with the wrong info. To add an DNS server in Ubuntu server, edit the following file as you would a resolv.conf file: /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base. Any entries manually added to /etc/resolv.conf get erased when networking is restarted.

  • Transparent Squid 3.1.19 on CentOS 6.2 VM

    I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about putting a proxy on my home network. Actually I do know why. It was because I tried to replace my SSG5 with a stupid ASA 5505 and wanted the web filter and inline AV scanning capability back. So I began building out a Squid server to […]

  • ventrilo startup script

    I made a post over at, but here’s a startup script I put together for Ventrilo 3.0. #!/bin/sh#### BEGIN INIT INFO# Provides:          ventrilo_srv# Required-Start:    $network $remote_fs $syslog# Required-Stop:     $network $remote_fs $syslog# Should-Start:      $named# Should-Stop:       $named# Default-Start:     2 3 4 5# Default-Stop:      0 1 6# Short-Description: Ventrilo version 3.0### END INIT INFO NAME=ventrilo_srvDESC=”Ventrilo 3.0″DAEMON=/usr/local/ventrilo/ventrilo_srvPIDFILE=/usr/local/ventrilo/$NAME.pidDAEMON_ARGS=”-f/usr/local/ventrilo/ventrilo_srv -d”VENT_USER=ventrilo […]

  • Squid 3.1.8 on Ubuntu 10.04

    I find Squid to be very useful and have been disappointed that 3.1 is still not in any repositories.  I googled a little to see if anyone has already done this, since reinventing the wheel is not really my thing.  There are a couple tutorials/howtos, but I didn’t really like either approach.  One approach uses […]