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  • HE DDNS on SSG

    This is a copy/paste from  I’m keeping it here in case that post ever disappears and I need a reference. This isn’t something people do often, so I figured I would add a post about it (mostly so I can Google it myself in a few years…) To configure Dynamic DNS (DDNS) updates on…

  • So I don’t forget

    … My dad changed ISPs and took the SSG5 I gave him offline.  I had to disable the VPN on my side because it was spamming the logs.  If I ever need to re-enable it, all I need to do is bind it to tunnel.1 and re-enable monitor, optimized, and rekey.

  • VPN with ScreenOS 6.2 and ASA 8.3

    Setting up VPNs is always a PIA, but Juniper really dumbs it down and I have to say really spoiled me.  So when it came time to setup another VPN with a partner who is running an ASA, I had to shake off the rust and think of what could go wrong.  Most of the…