— pissing into the wind


Many years ago I saw a comment on Slashdot that just exuded raw bitterness. It was so good that I had to save it. Unfortunately, I can’t find the actual comment anymore for the citation, but here is what it said:

As someone for whom the precipice of middle age is steps away, it doesn’t bother me if something I create becomes smarter than me, surpasses me and even sidelines me in the future. I will toil away the rest of my life working for The Man doing trivial things on a game I never wanted to play, for people I wouldn’t piss on should they catch fire, to further goals I don’t agree with.

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Let me start by saying this:  I hate VCSA 6.5.  I hate the fact that I have to use Flash (which EVERYONE is dropping support for) to manage my enterprise environment.  Flash and Java… good riddance.  I didn’t even realize I didn’t have Flash installed until I had to manage this stupid thing and needed the plugin for IE11.

I recently upgraded(?) my Windows vCenter 6.0 installation to VCSA 6.5.  I couldn’t get the migration to work and this is just at home, so I did a clean install, recreated my 6.0 environment, and reattached my hosts to the new vCenter.  One of the things that I’ve been struggling with since then is not being able to deploy new OVAs or upload files to my datastores (short of just using scp).  Scouring the internet, I came across a couple of VMware KB articles that solved my issues:

This one talks about the issue and this one solves it.  Basically you have to either setup a valid cert on the VCSA or trust the built-in one signed by the VCSA CA.  Now I can even use Edge (for now) to access vCenter.

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I’ve watched a few episodes of Hell’s Kitchen in my day and one thing that always got to me was how those poor schmucks just let Gordon Ramsey rail into them.  I always thought, “Have some goddamned respect for yourselves, people!”  Then I got this job.  After turning 16, I can’t recall the last time someone I know yelled at me in sheer anger.  But it seems to keep happening here.  Crisis after fucking crisis.  So I’ve decided to have some goddamn respect for myself and am convinced that no retirement package (that I can get anyway since I don’t go for C-level positions) is worth the level of stress and humiliation I’m getting here.  So off I go and back to the space in between.

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I need to find a job where I can work from home occasionally and wear jeans and a t-shirt (polo at the most) when I do have to go into the office.  Oh and it can’t be Rackspace because fuck you.

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Dear Symantec,

Your web training for Altiris sucks. It is incredibly boring and not interactive enough. I’d be better off with a PDF to read, but none is provided and so I have been forced to watch slideshows for 10 hours (yes, 10 hours).

I hate you.



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Besides the fact that I positively believe that I am TERRIBLE in interviews, another thing I hate about the whole process is the waiting.

If you’ve gotten as far as an actual interview, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a timely response letting you know whether or not you got the job, need to come in for another interview, or are no longer being considered.  I consider it extra if I’m given a reason, but I don’t expect one. 

I hate not ever getting a response despite multiple attempts to contact someone.  Rackspace, I am looking at you when I say this.

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