Adventures in home improvement

I just bought a house, so expect to see more details about how I delve into home automation.  Here’s one of the first bits of improvement we’re doing though.

This is a patch of carpet in the master bath.  I don’t understand what carpet is doing in the middle of such a humid/wet room.  I think the original intent of the builder was to put a tub there, but the homeowner didn’t want one.


Out with the old.


My father-in-law and I ripping up the carpet.


Originally we were just going to put regular tile in the middle and cut as needed.  Then the idea morphed into doing something with mosaic.  Then we thought to just get some rounded tile and put it in.  Then we came across this while at the tile store.


Getting it all centered.


Proof of concept.




My father in law did about 90% of the work.  I’d come home from work and more and more would be done.

I do plan on taking care of the home automation on my own though.

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