rock and a hard place

This was supposed to be a year in review post, but I don’t feel like doing that right now.  I’m trying to make a job decision right now, and I’m a little lost.  The background is that I’m in a contract to hire position right now and we’re in the “to hire” phase of it all.  I was pretty excited to get to this point until I was given an offer by HR that amounted to a 28% salary reduction.  Even after factoring in the benefits package as a whole, the number is just ridiculous.  I let my manager know how I feel, but the number hasn’t moved. 

I’ve also expressed interest in a network engineer position (currently a windows engineer).  So now I have a decision to make: 1) Stay contractor as a windows engineer for however long they’ll let me (might just be 2 weeks for all I know) or 2) take the network engineer spot and keep looking.  all roads lead me to looking for a new job, though.  the big variable is how long I can stay a contractor.  I could say I’ll just stay a contractor and 2 weeks later they just force my hand. then I’ll just be looking for a new job at the lower rate anyway but doing something I’d rather not be doing.

as bill o’reilly would say, “THIS FUCKING THING SUCKS!!”

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