nat for remote management

So I had an issue at work that went like this:  We recently put in new managed switches at our remote sites.  One of them failed and was replaced by our 3rd party subcontractor.  They just do a hardware replacement and my team does the configuration.  By default, the switches are configured to use with no gateway info set.  There is only a web UI enabled by default as well.  I have to somehow open a browser and get access to that web console so I can configure the new switch.  I have an 1841 or 1921 router at the other end to configure to make this work.  NAT voodoo time.

The scenario:


The fix:

conf t

int f0/0
ip add
ip nat inside

int s0/0/0
ip nat inside

int l1
ip address
no shut


router bgp 65000
network mask


ip nat outside source static
ip nat inside source static
ip route f0/0 1


Now I can open a browser to and it works.  When doing any commands reaching back to my computer (tftp), I used as the server (tftp:// and that worked.

That’s it.


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