distal bicep tear recovery – week 3

Things are still improving slowly. I’m able to straighten out my arm without much pain anymore and almost turn it palm up. I still have to take it easy with lifting things on it. There still a lot of pain in my wrist when I flex it downwards and I’m beginning to think I may have fractured it when I fell, but was more focused on the torn bicep in the immediate aftermath. My follow-up appointment is next week, and I’m going to ask the doctor to look at the wrist then. I’m just going to be extremely careful with it in the meantime. The soreness in the arm in the mornings is mostly gone at this time. I can engage the bicep now and flex it although it is still pretty flat compared to my other arm. I’m still keeping my arm in a sling as a precaution, but things are feeling better overall. The numbness from the incision to my thumb is still there, but not as pronounced on my hand.

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